Skype Fails: 5 of the Worst Problems and How to Fix Them?

Skype is a very effective tool to be used for communication through audio or video calls as well as instant messages. But it can also encounter various issues which can interrupt in the smooth functioning of the application. Sometimes there are issues related to the call quality and other times the speaker or microphone is not connecting. There are various other common issues with Skype which might need a technical person to find the best solution for them. Therefore Skype Support Number has been made available to cater to all your frequent Skype issues which are out of your reach.

skype-support number 18-10-2018

Following are the errors with Skype which are capable of annoying you anytime:

  • Poor call quality: The reason for a bad quality call can be many but generally it is the Wi-Fi connection which is the main reason. The network should have an appropriate bandwidth so as to give you the best of quality for audio or video calls. The device can be kept closer to the router to receive a better signal and to avoid any congestion over the network. Avoid touching your device once you are connected to a call as it can also disturb the Them network coverage you are getting.
  • Unable to connect your Webcam, speakers or microphone: The other common issue with Skype is when you are not able to connect the webcam, speakers or microphone to conduct a call. These issues can either be on Skype’s part or it can be due to hardware issues, driver issues or some Windows errors. To correct this issue, go to tools and then click on options. Select audio settings and then check advanced options. Here you can find a list of audio devices that you have ever connected to your computer. The issue is when Skype connects to the device which is not currently plugged in.
  • Issues with Skype credits: It is one of the worst issues with Skype which happens when your Skype credits disappear automatically when you do not use them once in 180 days. The credit points are used to make a call using Skype to landline and if you have some unused dollars left, they may get deactivated after some time. In order to get them back, use the ‘Reactivate credit’ button given in the balance section.
  • Connection issues: Some of the users have complained about the issue that they are not able to connect to Skype at all. In such cases you can try the following options:
  • Get the latest version of Skype downloaded for your device.
  • Check the firewall settings of your system and make sure it is not blocking access to your Skype account.
  • If you are not able to connect to internet using a proxy server then configure the Skype manually to connect to Skype through a proxy server.
  • If you think you don’t know the correct password of your account, and then change it with a new one.
  • Phone numbers replaced by click to call buttons:  if you are also disturbed with this feature then:
  • Uninstall Skype Click to Call from the control panel.
  • Check the browser add-ons and if you see Skype Click to Call listed there, disable it.
  • Go to tools and then options and in the advanced section, uncheck the top two boxes to remove this feature.

Call at Skype Customer Care Number if you need any further technical assistance.

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